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what's the different between CE4 and CE5?

CE4 and CE5 are most popular clearomizer recently. the two clearomizer looks very similar,and some people do not know how to distinguish them.let's  talk more about the two clearomizer.


Both CE4 and CE5 have 7 colors,Clear,Red,Yellow,Blue,Green,Purple Gray(Black).

all hold 1.6ml e liquid, with round or flat drip tip. eGo Threading. 

CE4 CE5 ClearomizerCE4 CE5 Color


but what's the difference?

the only difference is the WICK.  CE4 with long or short wick. CE5 looks no wick as the below pic.


CE4 CE5 difference


and the CE5 with 4 holes on the inner tube,it make the e liquid flew into the clearomizer much easier.

4 holes CE5

Both the two clearomizers is excellent.  fiting for all ego series e cigarette,refill easily. you just need choose the one you like!

CE4 CE5 refilling




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